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Translated into English by R. Ramsay Wright. The traditional exaltations of the nodes are included although I have never really seen these put to good use in judgements".

Retrieved 12 August The altered positions of the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn suggests an attempt to update the traditional zodiac positions in response to the effect of precession. Philadelphia: American Philosophical society, Schiffer Publishing Easton, PA. The planet will be seen close to the horizon, becoming visible as sunlight fades or before the Sun rises. In the ancient Near East, this was an important sky event.

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I often refer to Venus as the 'Marie Antoinette of the zodiac. Venus wants to eat decadent sweets, take six-hour baths, and be fanned by gigantic palm leaves.

Virgo in Astrology

While this is great in theory, these interests quickly devolve into superficial indulgences. Ultimately, Venus just wants to be adored. Remember, cosmic warriors, Venus may be indulgent, but it isn't deceitful: This planet helps define our relationship with the beautiful things in life. In order to take a closer look at your relationship with Venus, calculate your free birth chart on Astro. First, identify which zodiac sign Venus occupies.

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This is a critical first step, as the planet's sign will reveal precisely how it wants to indulge. Venus in Cancer, for instance, seeks security in partnership, while Venus in Aquarius is fueled by more unorthodox dynamics. If Venus is linked to Mercury, for example, communication will play a significant role within your relationships. If Venus is working closely with Saturn, however, Venus's hedonistic sensibilities may be tempered by Saturn's signature stoicism. Venus's connection to Mars, accordingly, reveals the interplay of sex and love: Do they work harmoniously, or serve entirely different purposes?

Venus is an essential piece in your personal cosmic puzzle. This benevolent planet reminds us that, at the end of the day, we deserve love. Venus's attitude is also influenced by which astrological house it occupies. The birth chart is divided into twelve segments , referred to as "houses," each representing a different area of life. For instance, someone with a Leo Venus in the sixth house which represents your daily routines may always be seeking opportunities to perform and attract attention within their office environment.

Alternatively, an individual who has Gemini Venus in their second house, which symbolizes personal finances, may achieve monetary success by pursuing multiple careers or side hustles simultaneously. Your birth chart is a fully functioning ecosystem. It comes pre-assembled; there are no missing parts or broken pieces.

The planets tell a story, and as you continue to study their positions — their signs, locations, and relationships with the other celestial bodies — you begin to unlock your unique cosmic narrative. Your chart exists for a reason, but it's up to you to interpret your individual truth. Venus's mission is to give and get pleasure, or what the planet perceives as pleasure is dictated by its zodiac sign. Once you discover which sign Venus occupies for you do this by calculating your natal chart , use these descriptions of Venus sign meanings as a jumping-off point for further exploration.

Aries are strong and mighty warriors. Even Venus — the most sensual planet in the sky — is no match for the fiery energy of an Aries. When Venus occupies Aries, it thrives on competition: They simply love the chase. People with Aries Venus adore flirtatious romances that are defined by physical touch, exciting spontaneity, and of course some playful bickering to keep the flame burning. Taurus is governed by Venus, so these combined energies blend harmoniously.

Sun enters Scorpio

As an earth sign, Taurus loves to indulge its five sense through luxurious fabrics, enchanting aromas, and gentle caresses. Although Taurus Venus's are extremely romantic, they also know how to advocate for what they want.

Natural Planetary Frienships

Taurus Venus needs a relationship that's rooted in reality — if this sign feels unsupported, they will seek comfort elsewhere. As an air sign, Gemini is all about communication. Likewise, a Gemini Venus is drawn to information like a moth to a flame.

Expression is critical for the Gemini Venus soul, so those born under this chatty sky find pleasure when pursuing their curiosities. Moreover, since Gemini also is linked to local community, for Venus Gemini, there is often no distinction between friend and lover — in fact, Gemini Venus prefers the ambiguity. Should it be wearing a stone or donation? I am really confused about this? I will really appreciate if you give your suggestions on this or point me to any of your published documents about it. I have a quick question. Do you think, or are there claims in the astro books you have read that when a planet is not in the house of debilitation but is close to it say, the next house , the debilitative nature is still present but would not be as high as it would have been had the planet been in house of perfect debilitation?

For example, Sun is debilitated in Libra, but would it still be somewhat debilitated in Virgo — at least would it be less powerful in Virgo than in, say, Taurus or Gemini? In other words, I want to know if debiltation and exaltation are an all or nothing phenomenon or if they are gradual — waxing and waning as they get near or moving away from their maximum potency. When a planet is one sign before its fall, it starts of become weak as its approaching its fall.

ANywhere in between, simple mathematical calculation. What will be the effect. Can u please tell the effect of planets ,which is having high power in ruling the house. Yoga means a combination. Debilitation or other dignity just represents the strength of the planet s and hence the strength of the Yoga s. In the summary chart above for dignity, I believe for Mercury is inadvertently tabulated wrongly. Please double check and let me know. Dear Sir How do we should consider the rashi strength of planets like Saturn, Jupitor or Rahu, as they remain in one sign for more than a year. Like if Saturn enters in Makar rashi then people having birth for next 5 years will find Saturn in its own sign in their natal chart…!

I have Jupitor in Makar rashi along with Mars with 9 aunsh difference in 10th house, so shall we consider Jupitor as week, but then so many people taken birth in that one year will have debiliated Jupitor. I have raid this entire blog and have really impressed with all the answers, hence to enhance my understanding of the subject I aksed this question.

In Jupiter dasa, he became president and previous to president, he had a strong rise in politics from a nobody to a senator and then president at a young age. Saturn joins Jupiter in lagna causing sasa mahapurush yoga and making Jupiter a neecha bhang raj yoga. In addition both Jupiter and Saturn have an exalted moon in 5th house trinal to them.

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  • Hello Vivek, When natural benefics are retrograde in the natal chart, what is your observation apart from their unpredictability, tending to mimic a conjuct planet which I guess would be common to all planets regarding their ability to do good? Also, during the forward motion in gochaara of these planets, would I have to factor in the the natal retrogression? Typically the retrogression of jupiter is less bad than venus. Example, Pisces asc, Budhan in Virgo?

    Both are in MKS but the yogas they form are strong. Is MKS secondary? Yes, MKS also does not affect the planet and or yogas themselves, they give some damage to the involved bhaav. However in this case Saturn in own house and navamsa and hence sasa mahapurush yoga. Thus overall the negatives are lesser than the positives. He might have some friction in relationships that is not obvious enough to the public. What happens to the 7th and 9th? This main planet s dignity and placement will be paramount in a horoscope.

    When this planet is very powerful, the strength of the entire horoscope elevates to some extent. Hi vivek sir I recently read b v raman book on notable horoscope. Any planets here manifest in the extroverted part of life for an individual. Thanks vivek sir. War is technically true within 1 degree. Hello sir, what happen,cancer asendent Jupiter 19degree with ketu 6degree in lagna and saturn 0degree with rahu in Capricorn..

    For libra ascendant if venus placed in 8th house of taurus along with mercury and sun..

    how to see psychic intuition in Vedic Astrology

    Hi vivek sir Does the concept of sign exchange work in divisional chart?